A Nigerian wife identified on Twitter as @enyonvm, has revealed how she surprised her husband by buying his dream phone for him.

The young woman bought her husband a Google Pixel 6 smartphone which he had wished to get someday.

In December 2021, her husband known as Efo Dela had quoted a tweet which showed an image of the Google phone he loves and he captioned it; Goals.


Days later, the loving wife decided to buy it for him and she shared photos after giving him the gift.


@enyonvm wrote; ”Whatever my husband wants, my husband gets”

She added; ”I know y’all think it’s cute i got my husband the Pixel 6, but the truth is, you can’t put a price on peace of mind.

Now I don’t have to watch another YouTube video reviewing the bloody phone, nor hear him talk about it again.

On that note, where can I buy him an Elon Musk”


See below:



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