Popular LGTB Activist, Amara the Lesbian has reacted to her ex lesbian partner, Uyai Ikpe-Etim’s allegation of being abusive, assaulting her and screaming while they were having a threesome with another lady.

Amara the lesbian


Uyai Ikpe Etim had shared on her Instastories ;

In the spirit of the New Year, I’ll be talking about how Amara abused me and all our friends the entire time we were in a relationship. I wanted to be silent but this babe has made one
million videos about it and is calling it her “lived experience”. In what world do you abuse a person for months and then feel justified in sharing that story? Yesterday I reached out to her and told her how
her videos were harming me and she told me to speak to my therapist about the “abusive” relationship I experienced. I’ll share the email exchange in a bit. Done being silent and all of you that have been enabling this abuser need to knowwho she truly is.

She also revealed that she met Amara in 2018 and the relationship was great in the beginining but then she noticed that Amara screams at the slightest provocation and also had physical fights with another partner known as Yinka.

In her response, Amara stated that less than 40% of what Uyai said is true, and over 60% is “okro”.


She insisted that she won’t apologize to her ex for not looking out for herself or taking care of herself the way she should, Amara further alleged that she is projecting her insecurities on her.

Watch the video she shared below ;



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