One of the new Big Brother housemates, Micheal has revealed that despite no intentions of getting married until 40 years, if a woman gets pregnant for him, he will treat her as his wife.


In a discussion with Pere, Yusef, and Kayvee, Micheal told them that he plans on not getting married anytime soon until he’s 40 because he has lots of projects at hand.

However, if a woman gets pregnant for him before then, she will be treated as his wife.

”If a lady has a baby for me, she is my wife automatically. I mean, she will be treated like my wife”, he added.

A bad boy with magnetism” and “open minded”, are some of the words Ebuka uses to describe himself. This 28-year-old musician and aspiring filmmaker was born in Lagos, then moved to the United States of America as a teenager – but is currently based in Abuja.


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