Nollywood actor, Sam Nnabuike has taken a swipe at women who allow their maids cook for the family without their physical supervision.

Sam Nnabuike slams

According to him, he understands that women need help with household chores but they should cook for their husband and family no matter the circumstances.

Sam, in a series of posts shared on Instagram, went on to share his personal experience with his parents. He revealed that his mother never allowed anyone cook for his dad, despite her busy schedule and having a maid in the house.

Speaking further, the thespian said regardless of how late she returns home from work, she used to cook his dad’s food personally.

He concluded by saying that the lack of bond between couples is because women nowadays are “doing the most”; adding that it’s the reason why maids poison meals.

Sam’s post comes on the heels of a viral video in which an house help confessed to poisoning her boss’s food with bleach.


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