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UK Universities That Accept Third Class Students

Are you an International Student? Do you want to study in the UK? But you have a 2.2GPA or a third class or HND. If yes, then I have Good news for you.
It is not as if we are not unmindful of the fact that many factors must have hindered you from putting in your best to studies during your undergraduate degree.

Some students with a third-class in their bachelor’s degree program and others with just a higher national diploma (HND) program believe that they are not eligible to go for masters degree programs, however, they should be aware that admissions requirements for postgraduate courses vary by university, and an undergraduate degree is not the only factor in gaining a place for further study.

Everything that happens in our life is usually with purpose and reason. Your career life is not over after your first degree. So, don’t let your grades determine how far you can go in life.
And such is one of the reasons why you are — at all levels — given chances to prove that you are worthy of better certificates.

So if you graduated with 3rd Class during your Undergraduate degree and don’t know if there are Universities in UK that’ll take you in for Masters, there is good news for you. There are universities that accept third class. Some might ask you to do Premasters.

In most countries, premaster courses are rolled out for students, and this is what you might learn as one of the universities that accept third-class students. And with these courses, one can still secure scholarships to proceed.
Pre-masters courses are also available for students who desire a master’s degree but do not have the academic records required for direct entry.

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The programs take between one and four terms to complete (one year = 3 terms), depending on the student’s academic level and English skills.
On successful completion of a Pre Masters, students are usually guaranteed entry to a master’s degree course in most of these schools also.


Here are schools (universities) that accept third-class students abroad along with others that offer scholarships to international students. These are schools in the world that accept both international and indigenous students who want to further their academic pursuits with third-class honors in their first degree.


Never give up in chasing your dream. The University of Surrey is always ready to reignite hope into students with poor academic performance.
That is to say, your third class result is not the end of the world, University of Surrey will offer you Masters Admission is you meet their other requirements.


Next on the list of the top UK Universities that accept third class for Masters Program is the University of Warwick.
This University offers admission to both foreign and domestic students with a pass, third class or HND certificate that seek to further his academics.


You can also apply for your Masters program at the Queen Mary University of London with your 3rd class undergraduate result certificate.


You can seek for your Masters Degree admission at the University College, London also with your 3rd class result.


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The fact that you graduated with third class in your undergraduate degree doesn’t mean you can’t do your Masters in Kings College, London.
If you meet all other requirements, chances are that you’ll be offered admission in your related discipline.


Northumbria University, the largest regional university in the UK, each year offers International Scholarships to incoming Masters Students with at least an upper second class Honors degree (UK) or equivalent from an overseas university, or a Lower Second Class and a Masters degree in a relevant discipline.


Coventry University is a public research university in Coventry, England. This university is one of the institutions that accept third class students and even HND holders.


If you graduated with a pass or third class during your Undergraduate degree and so passionate to further your academic pursuit, you can still get admission.

Kingston University, London offers Masters Admission to both national and international students that graduate with 3rd class. Although the admission is conditional upon satisfying other requirements provided or demanded by the school.


In the same vein, the University of Bradford offers a Global Development Scholarship to aid students in financial hardship.

Since this scholarship program is to alleviate hardship and assist students that come from crisis-ridden state, it pays little or no attention to class of degree.
That is to say, with your third class result, you can read your Masters program at the University of Bradford if you meet their other requirements.


In a bid to increase the number of international students on campus, the University of Staffordshire has taken the decision to admit more foreign students. However, this admission is in form of a scholarship offer to international students from few but selected countries in the world. The admission requirements in this regard, therefore, have nothing to do with class of degree.
You can make it to the final Masters Degree admission list with your third class.

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Equally, the Manchester Metropolitan University is one of the UK Universities that accept third class for Masters.
All you need to do is to meet other requirements that are explicitly stated in the school official website, and you’ll be admitted.


You can also apply for your Masters program at the University of Easy Anglia with your pass or third-class undergraduate result certificate.
Just make sure to pass the entry level exam and meet up with other requirements highlighted by the school for Masters Admission.

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